Join as a student

Great to hear you're interested! The 2018 edition will have 2 international meetings: one week in Ghent (Belgium - Feb '18) and one week in Heraklion (Crete - June '18). Applying to join a Blended Mobility project depends on your situation:

SITUATION 1: You are a student from one of the partner institutions

Not sure if your institution is a partner? The partner institutions are listed on the bottom of the homepage. Check if your institution is in the list. If so, get in touch with the Blended AIM contact person of your school. We listed all local contact persons on the bottom of the contact page.

Don't know who this person is or is she or he no longer working there? Get in touch with us through the contact form and we'll help you.

Oh, we have a helpful toolkit with answers to FAQs and a handy checklist.

SITUATION 2: Your institution is not a partner (yet)

Okay, this might make it a little more challenging, but here's a few tips and tricks we can share:

TIP1: Contact your international office!

Speak with your international office about this project. Say that we are eager to extend our consortium (we really are!). Provide us the contact details of your international office or coordinator (use our contact page for that) and we'll get in touch with them!

TIP2: Cheating through an ERASMUS study

Ok... this is cheating ... but only a little bit! ;-) Come to one of our partner institions for an ERASMUS period and follow the Blended AIM project course as one of your courses. Yes it is possible! Of course you should check with the Erasmus requirements of your instition. 

Just think about how cool this option is: you go abroad for an Erasmus exchange and on top you get two extra international experiences for free!

As an independent student

If you are really motivated and can spend some of your own money on travelling then you can participate in the project as an independent student. We will provide you a certificate that you can add to your cv and LinkedIn profile when you finalise the course.

Apply now through our contact page!