Coaching for companies & schools

Although working together with student teams is definitely an interesting way to test new business ideas, it can be quite challenging to set up and manage an interdisciplinary team of students to work with. Our contacts and years of experience might be helpful for you. And if you wonder we are also an interdisciplinary team of Professors, Teachers, Consultants and Freelancers from various professions (academic and Industry).


Consultancy for companies

Are you trying to setup a remote team? We already did it couple of times and you can learn from our experiences. We can coach you during the process, supervise it and help you to choose the right tools and methods for your team. 

Coaches: Henry Wolf (Germany), Nuno Escudeiro (Portugal)


Coaching for schools

You want to set up a blended mobility course yourself? Organise a team day with us or join us as partner. 

Coaches: Henry Wolf (Germany), Nuno Escudeiro (Portugal)


Presentation & lectures

Do you want to hear more of the project, pitfalls and experiences... reserve some beers and we come over for an inspiring lecture! We were already quite busy and have been on countless conferences, international days and company events all over Europe and beyond. You can choose the level of academic depth in the presentation. Just get in contact with us, and we will see which coach fits best for your own purposes. 

Coaches: Kristien Van Assche (Belgium), Saskia Wierinck (Belgium), Wio D’Hespeel (Belgium), Henry Wolf (Germany), Nuno Escudeiro (Portugal), and many more.


Prototype creation

We select for your company the right last year students. They create during a semester a prototype for your web application. You will get an international team eager to work with you and design an inspiring prototype. Of course you can also try to hire the students afterwards, but be prepared, they have a lot good offers after this kind of project. 
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Coaches: Kristien Van Assche (Belgium), Saskia Wierinck (Belgium), Henry Wolf (Germany), Nuno Escudeiro (Portugal)

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