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Blended Mobility projects give your students the chance to have an international learning experience without having to spend a full semester abroad. 

Easy-to-set-up and affordable international student projects

We have a lot of experience with setting up international multidisciplinary student projects. We know how to make it affordable for students. Join our consortium and do a student project with us. It's the best way we can share our expertise with you.

Of course we're happy to share our knowledge with anyone, partner or not. We're currently working on a "Teacher's Kit" with tips and tricks on how to get started with these kind of international projects. We should have it online here for you autumn 2018.

Testimonials from our associated partners

Tatjana Welzner, University of Maribor, Slovenia

We have a lot of students that wants to gain some international experience but don't want to go abroad for a period of 3 or 4 months. This project offers an alternative for an ERASMUS period. 

In this projects the students are challenged in a real-life way with communication and cultural differences.



Hoher Mahmud, University of Human Development, Iraq

Joining this project was a dream come true for our University since we have been trying to open European Union Education doors towards our newly established University for a while. Despite the fact that we are in the project as an associate partner we can see the great effects the project is having on our students in areas like teamwork skills, communication skills, culture awareness and education delivery mechanisms.


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