Are you a HEI teacher?

We know from experience that it can be quite challenging to find project partners or to even start a project from scratch. We're here to help you find partners or to give you inspiration. We even organise coaching on how to set up and run international Blended Mobility projects.

Info for companies

Working with international student teams cam be an interesting way for your company to try out your innovation ideas in an affordable way. Students work together in multidisciplinary teams which allows them to bring together knowledge from business development, IT, project managment, communication, design, ... to research and prototype your innovation ideas.

Project inspiration

Trilogis - localisation of people

Trilogis, based in Rovereto, Italy, specialises in realtime outdoor and indoor localisation of people and assets. They want to test out an idea that could introduce their technology and know-how in industrial environments where safety and security are important. An international team of students is currently prototyping possible solutions and ideating business opportunities. Read more...


MietwagenPiraten is a small German start-up that wanted to explore the idea of automating the search process to find interesting car rental deals, targeted at the high-end car rental power users. An interdisciplinary team of students researched methods to gather and compare data from different rental companies, created a visual identity, suggested a few business model prototypes and prototyped a working online web app. Read more...

UWS Kick–off Canvas

UWS Business Solutions is a German company specialised in process and project management. UWS wanted to test the possibility of having an online version of their project management canvas. A multidisciplinary team of students designed and developed an app that allowed UWS's consultants to collaboratively draft project management ideas with their clients, even if these clients are abroad. Read more...

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