Are you a HEI teacher?

We know from experience that it can be quite challenging to find project partners or to even start a project from scratch. We're here to help you find partners or to give you inspiration. We even organise coaching on how to set up and run international Blended Mobility projects.

Are you a company?

Working with international student teams cam be an interesting way for your company to try out your innovation ideas in an affordable way. Students work together in multidisciplinary teams which allows them to bring together knowledge from business development, IT, project managment, communication, design, ... to research and prototype your innovation ideas.

Project inspiration

KnowledgeFlow chatbot

KnowledgeFlow is an online tool that boosts employee effectiveness and reduces the cost of onboarding, knowledge management & training by up to 20%. Get knowledge into the hands of staff, and help them to perform at their best, using easy-to-read templates and smart, test-driven learning on-the-go. The assignment towards the students was to deliver a chatbot solution that works with the KnowledgeFlow database and platform architecture. Read more...

Epihunter - Detecting epileptic absence

Epihunter is a Belgian start-up from the IMEC's accelerator programme. Epihunter provides solutions for helping people who suffer from epilepsy. Mostly this is done with mobile technologies. The students working on this project were assigned to work on the social app. This app should, for example, allow people to go out with friends safely and enhance their life at school. Read more...

Trilogis - localisation of people

Trilogis, based in Rovereto, Italy, specialises in realtime outdoor and indoor localisation of people and assets. They want to test out an idea that could introduce their technology and know-how in industrial environments where safety and security are important. An international team of students is currently prototyping possible solutions and ideating business opportunities. Read more...

Companies that worked with us

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